Ryan Shanahan Kettlebell Group Class

Ever wonder how did kettlebells become so popular?

Firstly using kettlebells provide a fast, fun and effective workout, they work.

Looking back to the late 90’s a trainer named Pavel started an ‘underground’ kettlebell training movement, mainly within the Military and Special Forces circles.

Professional and elite athletes always looking for methods to increase performance started to incorporate kettlebell training. Believe me, when athletes find an advantage, they keep it secret, so kettlebells, even though they were being used by the best, they were not being widely talked about.

After Military and Elite athletes, which group gets exposed to the new workout secrets???

Hollywood Celebrities!!!

As with elite athletes, in Hollywood training secrets are closely guarded, the difference is, celebrities have paparazzi always spying on them. The paparazzi started catching photos of major actors and actresses training with kettlebells. This started to capture the attention of the media and the media doesn’t like to be left out on workout secrets.

Luck is said to be when Preparation meets Opportunity.

In my case this is true. I had been exposed to kettlebell training very early on during the ‘Underground’ years and at the time was working at a Film Studio personal training for the movie productions and had filmed a kettlebell workout dvd. I was prepared.

Celebrity gossip magazines were writing about how celebrities were using kettlebells to get red carpet ready, some of these celebes were my clients.

The opportunity came when CBS The Early Show wanted to do a segment on Kettlebell training and they contacted me.

(The Luck)

On January 3, 2009 at 8:30 a.m, the Secret of Kettlebell Workouts were revealed for the first time on National television. My appearance on CBS The Early Show launched the idea of Kettlebell training into the main-stream.

Watch Video Here ==> https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=739319382806788

It would still take another few years to transition from the common “What the Heck is that?” response to today’s “Kettlebells are Cool” response, being featured in every monthly fitness magazine, seen in tv commercials and now nearly every gym offering Kettlebell group classes!

Kettlebells have come a long way and I’m very proud and feel blessed to be one of the early players that help spring board the benefits of kettlebell workouts into Global popularity.

Do I think Kettlebell training is a fad?
A fad comes, goes and is long forgotten because it can’t back up its hype. Over 14 years in, everyday I experience contact from new people wanting to start kettlebell training.

Kettlebells work and are here to stay!

Best of Health,

Ryan Shanahan

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If its Burning, it's Working

If its Burning, it’s Working

Romeo B&A

When Are You Going To Get Tired Enough Of Being ‘Out Of Shape’ To Do Something About It?

Romeo ( pictured above) was in the same position where you are now…

…embarrased. frusterated. angry. hating getting your picture taken.

until he made the desicsion to have Ryan Shanahan as his fitness coach and tranformed his body and found health and happiness.

If my system worked for Romeo, it will work for you.

A step by step workout system for getting out of a super sized waistline once and for all!

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HOLY, I knew it was going to be crazy, but not THIS crazy!

As soon as I sent the email that I was putting my Ryan Raw: On Demand Kettlebell video program on additional promotion, I knew that I would get a WAVE of response from my readers but not a TSUNAMI.

This is amazing!

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It will still be worth it to you, but why pay more?

Get It Done!

Your Friend and Coach

Ryan Shanahan


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24 Free Follow-Along Kettlebell Home Workout Videos

Who: Celebrity Trainer Ryan Shanahan

What: Home Kettlebell Workouts

Why: More Results – Less Time!

When: Choose 3-5 days of the week and follow the Kettlebell Workout Playlist in order
@ http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDCD5EA83FF43E02F

How: Each Kettlebell workout has exercises to target sculpt your

>Core and AB muscles
>Condition your Cardio and Burn maximum calories
>Strengthen your body from head to toes.

All Quickly transforming you into a Lean, Mean and Lovely Workout Machine!

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Now it’s time to grab your kettlebell and Go Burn it 2 Earn it…

Adrienne 2 B&A

Screen Shot Ryan Raw TV sara solomon
During this episode you will see…

– How to make a Post Workout Recovery Shake

– How to Intermittent Fast and Not Lose Muscle

– Ryan’s iPad get smashed 😦

WATCH @ http://youtu.be/5Ner2xR7Xt8

Welcome to Ryan Raw!

Totally new! Totally unique!

And the best 20-minute home workouts you’ll EVER try.

Follow the Ryan Raw workouts and Transform Your Body Beyond Expectations.

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The great thing about kettlebells is that they offer the benefits of a cardio workout AND a weights session, strengthening your core muscles (and a bunch of others!) while also burning fat.

Instead of slogging away in the gym for hours on end, you could be done after a 10-20 minute Ryan Raw Kettlebell Session

Wondering how that can be the case?

It’s because most kettlebell movements are dynamic (they work several muscle groups simultaneously), resulting in an intense workout. In fact, a study I spearheaded back in 2008 found that working out with kettlebells can burn over 20 calories per minute. That’s equivalent to running at a 6 minute mile pace. That’s why you are sweating so much after our Ryan Raw sessions!

Need Proof?

Here is a picture of Valerie B after following my Kettlebell program

As the famous saying goes, a picture says a thousand words.


What is the right Kettlebell program?

– It’s the one that strengthens and firms all the body

– It’s the one that consumes the most amount
of calories in the least amount of time.

– It’s the one that fits in your schedule without
making you feel uneasy about making the time
to get it done. (Usually shorter the better.)

So at the end of the day, it’s the one that
you’ll actually do.

That’s why I think you’ll LOVE “Ryan Raw Kettlebell Workouts”

The workouts are relatively short – right
around 20 minutes – give or take a few.

Not only that, the best part of your Ryan Raw sessions is how powerful you’ll feel both during and after you’ve done your workouts – regardless
of whether you’re a man or a woman.

The workouts just make you feel good all over.

And you know what that means?

They’re actually ENJOYABLE.

And that means you’ll actually do them –


And that means you’ll finally see the results –
the changes in your body you’ve been dreaming about.

It’s enjoyable.

You don’t even have to focus that hard on it.

The fat loss just kinda “happens.”

What a nice change that will be.

Become a monthly member and receive new home workout videos every week.

Join Us! For the most enjoyable Kettlebell fat loss program ever.


Here are some numbers that should get you thinking:
45% of people make New Year’s Resolutions
66% of those resolutions involve health and fitness
73% give up before reaching their goal

With half of 2014 in the books, here are solutions to help you get back on the wagon!

Time a factor for you?

Burn fat and build muscle in just 1 hour hour per week, no cardio machines or running required!

If you made yourself a promise to lose weight, tone up and get more confident in 2014,
The 6 Week Shape Up will help you make good on it. Shed fat, get fitter and feel like a star!


Spending half the year getting in shape and the other half slacking off is no way to be at the top of your game.

When you train with Ryan Raw you receive new video workouts every week to keep you strong all year round!


If your attention span isn’t the greatest you’ll love that each Ryan Raw kettlebell workout is 30 minutes or less and burn up to 600 calories in a single session!


Most resolutions fail because they’re only skin deep; ‘I want to lose 5 lbs’ or ‘I want to get a six pack’.

Ryan Raw will help you go deeper to change negative behaviors and develop a mindset that will set you up for ongoing success!


Choose Your Program:

Zero Equipment Cardio: No equipment and 4 off days every week. Take your life back!
Beach Ready in 6 Weeks : Get confident enough to wear what you want to wear
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It’s your turn to have Ryan Shanahan as your Personal Trainer and get results like his clients pictured below!

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Watch Ryan Raw TV: Episode 3

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– my odd preparation technique for early morning workouts

– what I eat

– family fun

– and some Beat Box

Best of Health,

Ryan Shanahan

Episode 2: Ryan Raw Video Blog

Check out Episode 2 of my Video Blog @ http://youtu.be/hYrl6yW49-k

You will see

– A Super Sexy Bikini Body

– A Stevie Nicks Cover Band

– What I Eat

– And Watch my Funny Epic Fail…

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Your Trainer,

Ryan Shanahan

Wow, it’s July 1st tomorrow already!

Because of you, I’m going into July feeling Great! How about you?

Because of you, I strive each week to create new workouts that will keep progressing your fitness and health forward. Also to improve your Ryan Raw monthly membership content.

Upcoming for July, is the new Ryan Raw Garage Workout Series which focuses on Target Sculpting individual body parts. New Workout Warm Ups have been added to your video library and weekly nutrition and lifestyle V-Logs to see up close and personal how myself and my wife Tanya battle the bulge 🙂

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Recommended July Routine Schedule:

Mon: ARM & AB Target Sculpt
Wed: Hip Hop Kettlebell Blast
Fri: Sexy Leg Target Sculpt

Special Shout Out to Ryan Raw members Tony, Devita, Tessa, Alexandra, Paola, for earning Ryan Raw MVP status because of their extra effort and resu lts during the 6 Week Summer Shape Up program.

Keep your positive momentum rolling forward. You have learned how to do it, proven to yourself that you can do it. Next phase is to keep doing it. And I will be here to support you all the way.

Best of Health from Your Trainer,

Ryan Shanahan
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30 Days to Flatter, Harder, More Sculpted ABS!!! You will gain exclusive 24/7 access to 30 new On Demand AB workout video’s from Celebrity Trainer Ryan Shanahan. Each workout is under 10 minutes and to be performed each day for 30 days.

Start the AB challenge today… Imagine how your abs will look after 30 days of specialized training- Spectacular!

BTW- My wife still eat’s chocolate and drink’s wine.

This program is about celebrating the good things in life, not sacrificing them.

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Take a look below at other Ryan Shanahan training clients body transformation successes!!!

Now it’s your turn…


Q: Hi Ryan,

I’ve watched your Video
from this morning about what you eat before and after workout.

Now, I hope you don’t mind me asking: if you train on an empty stomach, don’t you risk using muscle as energy instead of your body sugars or fat?

Generally, we’re used to have some simple carbs (a biscuit, some jam, a fruit) 10/15 minutes ahead, and we take aminoacids soon after finishing the workout.

I’d appreciate your comments on this as one of my aim is to reduce body fat for a leaner figure.

– Italy

A: Great! We have found the missing puzzle piece that has been holding you back from maximum body fat loss.

Eating will raise your insulin levels.

Insulin stops your body from using fat as a source of fuel (ie. it suppresses fat oxidation).

In other words, when your insulin levels are elevated, you are in fat storing mode and you are not able to release fat from your fat stores.

Key Point: in order to burn body fat, your insulin levels must be very low. This can be achieved through short-term fasting.

So to allow your body to burn fat during your workout, Take your Amino Acids 10/15 minutes before your workout, which will increase muscle repair and eat your simple sugars after the workout.

To Answer your question, No, muscle will not be used as energy.

Studies show it takes 3 hours or more of continuous endurance exercise for the body to start breaking down muscle tissue as fuel.

Remember: Eating pre workout, especially in the morning prevents you from using your body fat for fuel. Training fasted promotes the release of body fat for fuel.

Ever wonder what to eat before you workout or after you workout?

Ryan Shanahan answers and explains both in this video => Click Here


Ryan Shanahan Crossfit workout
Need some Monday Workout Motivation?

Then watch this workout video @ http://youtu.be/hB_Qs8ZksLc

And then start your new fitness program @ Ryan Raw





Happy Monday

It was an awesome weekend for me personally and I hope you can say the same too!

For me, most of it was spent with friends visiting from Holland, going to the Toronto FC soccer game, teaching the very first Good Karma Boot Camp and filming new Ryan Raw On Demand workouts with my wife outside in the park.

It was great to spend quality time with my wife, meet new friends and even have a few beers. Maybe a few too many….

But no worries I will be back training this week so I can be better and stronger and finish the final 2 weeks of the 6 Week Summer Shape Up with perfect eating and training!

With that said, I have 3 new awesome Ryan Raw On Demand workout videos for you this week. You will be introduced to Kettlebell Combination exercises that accelerate your results in less time.
Warning: your Abs will be burning.

Also, keep in mind it’s the beginning of the month, which is always a fresh opportunity to set new goals and assess the ones that you are currently working toward.

Remember always strive to make yourself #StrongerToday each and everyday.

“Everything is Awesome, when you work as team”
– Lego Movie

Have a great week and talk soon

Your Trainer



New Ryan Raw On Demand Kettlebell Video posted @ http://www.powhow.com/videos/ryan-raw/summer-core-week-5/5208


Did you know ‘Kettlebell’ is now the 6th most searched workout term on Google?!

Do you know who was The Key Figure in introducing Kettlebell Workouts to the world?

Hint: In 2005, he started the first Kettlebell only gym at The Toronto Film Studios, to train movie stars.

Between 2007 and 2011 he did over 100 tv appearances to inform and share the incredible fitness benefits of kettlebell training.

His Kettlebell DVDs out sold Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper’s combined!

His Kettlebell training system is now being instructed at gyms all across America, Australia and even Denmark!

The answer is @ http://youtu.be/e4NjhGEuHJA

His Next Generation kettlebell workout are exclusively available @ http://www.RyanRaw.com

When you want real results, go to the Best.

Share this post and be apart of history for the new Ryan Raw Online & On Demand workout video movement.

Thank You and God Bless



The Good Karma BootCamp Workout
Saturday @ 10:00 a.m – Shine Only!

I will post an Update the morning of the Workout to notify you of location changes due to possible events in the park and/or cancelation, if Mother Nature is not giving us a dry field.

Sign up to receive http://www.GoodKarmaBootCamp.com updates @ the bottom of this page

Parking Available (mention you are a member of System Fitness for free parking and park on the east side of big lot)


Bring the kids to the park, while you workout


Bring your friends, everyone is invited.


Sign Up For http://www.GoodKarmaBootCamp.com Fitness tips, location and weather updates @ the bottom this page

Runs for 6 weeks only, so don’t miss out on receiving your good karma!



Success Leaves Clues:

A woman I personal train with is one of the coolest, most positive and professional people I have ever met.

I asked her how she thinks everyday.

She replied by sending me this photo and said she Chooses to follow the column on the right.

Who wants to try thinking and living the right column for the next 5 days together and see what happens?



The Trainer cooks too!
Chicken & Veggie soup recipe:
– Low sodium chicken stock
– 1/2 pound cubed chicken
– 1/2 cup chopped celery
– 1/2 cup chopped carrots
– 1/2 cup chopped broccoli
– lots of chopped parsley
– season with Hymalayian salt, ground black pepper and a few drops of hot sauce

Mixed all ingredients in a cast iron cooking pot and let simmer for 40 minutes. Serves my family of four happily for 2 dinners

Serve this with a salad and you will feel Healthy, Lean & Great!

Ryan Shanahan


The new Summer hit song of Summer 2014 @ http://youtu.be/vX2SW1lQ53k

Lose Weight, Tone Up, Feel Great!


No Gym, No Time, No Worries

Sample follow-along workout from The Ryan Raw 6 Week Summer Shape Up video series only available @ http://www.RyanRaw.com

Summer Core Work Out Week 3: http://youtu.be/xtX-dxTSfvw :



Q: Hi Ryan,

Just finished a month of your Muscle programme and stating the Muscle Madness after doing the Bonus workout which was a killer!!! Definitely the toughest workout and only 15m long!!

I’m loving it and have seen changes in my muscle physique. I’ve been on the intermittent fasting regime for 5 days and have already lost 2-3 pounds. Reading up on the Leangains.com site I saw he recommends the Muscle Gaining Secrets book by Jason Feruggia, which is targeted at Hard Gainers like me. Reading about the book it contradicts Martin Bekham’s Intermittent fasting regime which confused me, but I didn’t buy the book as I’m loyal to http://www.RyanRaw.com and love your training, it fits in to my busy life style and I feel so much stronger, BUT do you have an adapted version for Ectomorphs?

Thanks Ryan,


A: Hi Emdad

The intermittent fasting info you need is all right here:

Don’t make it complicated.

For more increased muscle size, use a 35lbs Kettlebell during any of my Ryan Raw workouts.

If you call yourself a “hard gainer” …. you will be a hard gainer.

Throw that word and b.s label out right now!

Start thinking, saying and believing your a Super Gainer.

Your going to like what happens.

Ryan Shanahan

Online Personal Training Programs @ http://www.RyanRaw.com



How to Maximize your hormonal output and restoration

More often than not, the reason the whole “calorie in /
calorie out” idea of fat loss doesn’t work is because it
doesn’t take into account your hormones.

If you want to lose fat at a faster than normal pace, then
you need to maximize your fat-burning hormonal output
and minimize your fat-storing hormone output.

This is done through specific training mechanisms, perodization
and by..

Maximizing recovery

This is where most people go astray.

See, it’s not how much you can work out –

It’s how much you can recover from those workouts.

If you can’t recover, then you won’t see results.

Worse yet, if you keep trying to workout and you haven’t
recovered enough (not fully, just “enough”) between workouts
you can actually start storing fat.



If you want a step-by-step workout & diet plan to maximize calorie burning and recovery to strip to lose up to 10% of your current bodyweight in the next 42 days, then start ‘The Summer Sexy & Strong in 6 Weeks’ program @ http://www.RyanRaw.com




It’s one of those ‘facts’ that everyone knows, right? You can’t spot reduce fat. It doesn’t matter how much topical cream you lather yourself in or how many millions of ab crunches you do, you can’t shift fat specifically off, say, your belly, right?


You see, my new 6 Week Summer Shape Up program’ which is specifically for people who want to get absolutely commit to getting in their best physical and mental state and fast.
I’m also going through the program once again myself, just to double check I’m not leaving anything on the table that will help you get serious head turning results.

Now, one of the areas I’ve always struggled with is the bit of love handle fat. It just doesn’t want to budge, can you relate?
So I decided that I’d use this final run through as an experiment to see if I could spot reduce that fat. And I am thrilled to tell you, it’s actually working!

So what does it involve?

Well, first of all a little background. If you think about your fattest areas, you’ll probably notice that they are colder to the touch than the leaner parts of your body. For girls this means that their thighs and bum tend to be cold, and for guys it’s often their belly.

Science tells us that good circulation is key to fat loss, and poor blood flow to certain areas equals stubborn fat storage.

So what can we do about it?

Well, spot reduction of fat has generally been regarded as an old wives’ tale, and it is true that we burn fat over our whole body and not just in one area (that’s down to the fact that muscle tissue is the body’s metabolic furnace, and you have muscle all over your body. Hence why I keep talking about doing multiple-muscle-recruiting exercises).

However, a quick look back at the protocols of some of the biggest names in bodybuilding suggest that maybe you can do something to address specific areas. People like Arnie and other legendary bodybuilders would do and recommend specific targeted ab exercises in order to develop flat, hard, fat-free abs, and recent research suggests that they were actually onto something..

There are 3 things you can do to increase fat burning in a specific area, and from my own little experiment, there is definitely something in it:

1) Firstly, perform exercises that work the muscles adjacent to the target area. During your Monday Core workout video, I’ve designed the workouts not just to do ab and lateral flexion work, but balance it with appropriate stability and back work such as planks, back extensions, 1leg movements etc.
What this does is increase muscular activity near the target site, which in turn increases the breakdown of that fat.

2) Second, increase the temperature of the fatty area whilst you exercise. (I’ve been using a sauna belt to keep my tummy warm :). What this does is increase sweating in the localised area and also increases blood circulation which is crucial for fat extraction from the adipose cells.

3) Finally, aim to perform your Ryan Raw Workout videos first thing in the morning, in a fasted state (ie before breakfast); this is beneficial because it results in fat-busting hormones such as Growth Hormone and adrenaline being delivered to the area, rather than fat protecting insulin following a meal.

It’s important to perform the Core, Cardio and Sculpt videos to benefit from the designed synergistic effect when also combined your included clean diet protocol.

So, if you’re looking to sort out one or two trouble spots, it’s definitely worth a go.

The 6 Week Summer Shape Up definitely works, and the science is there to back it up.

Join the Ryan Raw Online 6 Week Summer Shape Up Challenge @ http://www.RyanRaw.com

To your success!


Stallknecht B, et al. Are blood flow and lipolysis in subcutaneous adipose tissue influenced by contractions in adjacent muscles in humans? American Journal of Physiology. Endocrinology and Metabolism. 2007 Feb;292(2):E394-9.



The great thing about kettlebells is that they offer the benefits of a cardio workout AND a weights session, strengthening your core muscles (and a bunch of others!) while also burning fat. Instead of slogging away in the gym for hours on end, you could be done after a 20 minute kettlebell session.

Wondering how that can be the case?

It’s because most kettlebell movements are dynamic (they work several muscle groups simultaneously), resulting in an intense workout. In fact, studies found that working out with kettlebells can burn over 20 calories per minute. That’s equivalent to running at a 6 minute mile pace. Yowza!

Tired of alternating endlessly between cardio, weights and stretching workouts that seem to take hours? Try something completely new – 20 minute kettlebell workouts that you’re sure to feel in the next morning.

The 6 Week Summer Body Shape Up Challenge @ http://www.RyanRaw.com

Program Start: Monday May 5 (Join Anytime, videos are On a Demand 24/7)
Duration: 6 weeks
Designed for: Beginner to intermediate fitness types looking to get their workouts done in a time efficient manner
Goal: Lose fat, improve strength and cardio endurance, and get smokin’ hot in as little time as possible!
Requirements: Kettlebell, bodyweight and a chair
Participants: Ryan Raw Monthly Members

What Do You Get?
Here’s what you’ll get as part of the program:
Weekly Individualized workout video routines and meal plans
Unlimited e-mail access to your trainer – individual questions will be answered in 48 hours or less
Weekly check-ins

What Results Can I Expect?


✓ Bodies like the picture above- more sculpted arms, abs, booty
✓ Learn how to get an effective workout in just 20 minutes
✓ Change up your weights- or cardio-heavy fitness regime that may be getting old
✓ Nutritional advice that will help you keep your hot new bod once the program is over!

In a rut? Shake up your routine to swing your way to sexy!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of workouts will I receive?
Individualized workouts (including both resistance training and cardio) that will fit your lifestyle, work around injuries etc.

How many hours will this take?

Workouts last 20-30 minutes and the program also focuses on nutrition as well, you’ll probably find yourself able to train less than you do now (and achieve better results!). Plan for 20 minutes, 3 days a week, plus daily food perpetration.

Can my program be done at home?
Yes or your gym, the park or anywhere you have your mobile device and a Kettlebell.

About your trainer:

Ryan Shanahan is considered the Global Leader in Kettlebell Fitness Training, a leader in online workouts and is the top trainer at Madonna’s gym.

Join the 6 Week Summer Body Shape Up Challenge @ http://www.RyanRaw.com